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7-D Ribeye
7-D Ribeye
  • Proven calving ease son of Bextor
  • Offers CED and BW in the top 10% of breed
  • Provides performance and maternal traits that rank near the top of the breed
  • Breed leader for RADG, REA as well as $YG
  • Unique combination of calving ease and muscle

          BAR Ext Traveler 3015
CRA Bextor 872 5205 608
          CRA Lady Jaye 608 498

          Bon View New Design 1407
7-D LP Penelope 3J29 1407
          LP Penelope 971 7304

$25 / straw
EPD info for 7-D Ribeye
KLA Platinum 314

SAV Platinum 0010 - sire to our

KLA Platinum 314
  • Calving Ease Deluxe
  • Impressive growth numbers that will show in his progeny
  • Top EPDs in every category
  • Breed leader in Production across the board
  • Phenotypically pleasing with the body and length to impress

          SAV Pioneer 7301
SAV Platinum 0010 (pictured above)
          SAV Greystone Jannet 5345

          SAV Free Spirit 8164
KLA Boghead Violet
          EHF Boghead Violet D329

$25 / straw
EPD info for KLA Platinum 314
Sutphin's Bieber Oly Z260
Sutphin's Bieber Oly Z260
  • Our "Jack of all Trades" herd bull
  • Excellent HB and GM scores leading the Red Angus breed
  • Possesses the ability to calve light
  • Plenty of bone, hip, and depth of rib
  • Produces phonomenal bull calves and replacement females
  • Proven first calf heifer bull
  • Average calf crop BW of 72.6
  • Actual 76 BW, 700 WW, 1339 YW, 15' Ribeye

          Red SSS Oly 554T
VGW Oly 903
          VGW TM-Dora 0758

          Bieber Rough Rider 10712
Bieber Tilly 362W
          Bieber Tilly 119T

$25 / straw
EPD info for Sutphin's Bieber Oly Z260
RRA Mulberry 26P 907

Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P - sire to our

RRA Mulberry 26P 907
  • Top of the Red Angus breed for HPG and CEM
  • Excellent HB and GM scores
  • A YW EPD of 120 with great Stayability

          Red Compass Mulberry 449M
Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P
          Red Dus Fayette 8G

          Lchmn Hevn's Sake 1002F
RRA Marie 221
          Larson Flo-Marie 185

$25 / straw
EPD info for RRA Mulberry 26P 907

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